THE YOLK is a modular browser for data driven applications

Combining Electron, Elasticsearch and AngularJS affords developers a familiar environment and a framework which accepts modular, drop-in applications.

This makes it easy to scrape and consume microservices, store and analyse results locally and present rich applications with a beautiful user interface.


Player is The Yolk's first default application and a seriously fun music player.

It searches for music sources locally, on Youtube and the Internet Archive and then does it's magic by constructing rich metadata from Musicbrainz, Wikipedia, Discogs and other sources.

This is an endless, free, legal jukebox that provides an unique experience exploring and enjoying your musical taste.


The Yolk is APLHA software, but should be perfectly useable. Documentation is not there yet! I built it not only because I could, but also to create a portfolio piece to attract some quality contract work. My website link is in the footer.

My primary focus has been on the Player app and I would like to attract interested developers to fork and partake in the project with more apps. Here are some future ideas for apps I would like to build time permitting:

News Explorer

This will identify news microservices, feeds and sites to scrape. The user will be able to search by subject matter and the application will build a mapping of relations and timelines. News can then be explored as a contextual progression, not only the transient headlines of the day.

Streaming Video Player

To create a streaming video aggregation app from multiple services similar in intent to Stremio, only FOSS. As the underlying technological base it can use the BUTTER project. Theoretically, this should be possible as both the afforementioned project's are built on Electron or compatible technologies.

Communication Hub

To aggregate various user communication and social services and pool the contact resources into a common address book. The user will be able to communicate through these centralised services, but also build a web-rtc network for, secure, decentralised communication.


Versions 0.0.9-alpha.1 and lower may have install issues.
Please retry with the latest release below.
*64 bit only
*Alpha for Windows is unsigned
*Alpha for Apple is unsigned
* RPM installations may need "sudo yum install libXScrnSaver"
* DEB on Debian (not Ubuntu) wont resolve dependencies from default GUI package manager. Use "sudo gdebi <filename>" instead.
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